English Potato Vodka 5cl

  • English Potato Vodka 5cl
  • English Potato Vodka 5cl
  • English Potato Vodka 5cl



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A 5cl miniature version. This is the world’s first Super Premium English Potato Vodka and was voted the world's best vodka at the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition. Chase is the only UK distillery to offer vodka made entirely from seed to bottle on one estate.

It is truly a single estate spirit with provenance, made on Chase’s Herefordshire family farm using Lady Claire, King Edward and Lady Rosetta potatoes grown in fertile red soil.

Approx 250 potatoes/5 kg's are used per 70cl bottle, using mineral water from an aquifer under the distillery that runs from the Malvern Hills. Adding the distillation through the continuous stripper, plus 5 times in a copper still, then twice through a 70 foot copper rectifier, with its 42 bubble plates, Chase Vodka is distilled 119 times.

Tasting notes

The smooth velvety spirit with the taste of buttery mashed potato is a pure delight. Nose: Light white pepper, hint of creamy potato. Very clean. Palate: Creamy turning clean black pepper, waxy oiliness and macadamia nuts. Finish: Clean and rounded. Smooth potato finish with mineral notes. The best way to try Chase English Potato Vodka is neat and chilled.

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