Chocolat Razberi 1 Litre

  • Chocolat Razberi 1 Litre
  • Chocolat Razberi 1 Litre
  • Chocolat Razberi 1 Litre



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Product Description

As the originator of premium flavoured vodkas, in 1962, Stolichnaya changed the face of vodka forever. Today, Stolichnaya® continues to lead the flavour revolution with innovation, quality and craftsmanship. The first in the Sweet Indulgent range, Stoli Chocolat Razberi homes in on unabating consumer demands for sweet, dessert style flavours. The flavour combinations are sophisticated yet simple, and reaffirm the position of Stoli as the world’s most original vodka.

Tasting notes

Chocolat Razberi is Stolichnaya finest vodka, married to the natural flavours of sweet, tangy raspberries and rich, silken chocolate to achieve a perfectly balanced taste pairing. This creates a creamy, silky texture on the palate.

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