10YO 70cl

  • 10YO 70cl
  • 10YO 70cl
  • 10YO 70cl



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A travel exclusive single malt matured in a combination of es-Bourbon, refill and newly-charred rejuvenated casks before being bottled at 43% abv. The whiskey is initially 'sweet and salty' on the palate with an 'intense spicy and smoky finish'

Tasting notes

Mild and lightly drying. Backed by an elusive softly fruity tang of bruised pears or mature white wine the top notes are naturally powerfully peaty and fresh-clean, with peat smoke, wood tar and antiseptic cream. Maritime hints that seem to emerge from within them suggest a walk on the beach in a fresh, salty sea breeze, with wafts of sweet seaweed and hemp rope. A drop of water suppresses the fruity notes and introduces the clean, fresh aromas of a mineral oil or a salt water rock pool.

Spicy, smoky, warming and drying, with a deep intensity. There’s a pleasingly smoky aftertaste with a warming spiciness, which is calmed by the addition of water"

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